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Updated: Oct 27, 2022


Bring your device advances is the set of policies in a business that allows employees to use their own devices. Mobile technology has made it easier than ever to maintain a single device for both work and personal use.

66% of organizations surveyed recently have active BYOD programs, with 11% looking to implement the policy over the next year. (By Zımperium)

10% of the applications installed on the average BYO mobile endpoint are enterprise-focused, from multi factor authentication (MFA), data access tools, and communications. (By Zımperium)

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 60% of organizations had no BYOD policies in place. Over the last two years, many teams have responded heroically and rapidly to support remote workers. But the resulting increase in the introduction of BYOD policies continues the lines between devices and data and between consumer and enterprise threats. In addition, it's essential to recognize that employees are concerned about their privacy, just like consumers. Employees' trust and privacy concerns continue to slow device management policy adoption in enterprises.


Whatever company has a mobile endpoint and application that introduces increased risk. That is why it is critical to balance mobile endpoint and minimize the enterprise's exposure to attack. 56% of technology leaders rely on at least four to eight enterprise applications for productivity. 17% of the surveyed technology leaders depend on more than eight work-specific apps on their mobile devices. Although these applications vary between vendor-provided services and internally developed tool-sets, both categories rely on access to corporate data systems for effectiveness.

42% Reported mobile devices & web applications led to the security incident

42% Reported unauthorized apps & resources accessing enterprise data

10% Reported unsecured applications due to a lack of authentication or encryption

56% Rely on at least four to eight enterprise applications on their mobile device

17% Depend on more than eight work-specific apps on their mobile device

(this statistic depend on Zimperium)

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