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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

At a high level, here how phishing works:

• Criminals create websites that well-established organizations and then attempt to users to visit those sites. When a user submits their credentials or confidential information to the site, the attacker can use those credentials to take control of accounts and pursue other tactics. Because many users have the same password across sites, one successful attack can often expose multiple services and accounts. It uses social engineering to exploit the end-users trust and curiosity in official-looking communications. Attackers typically target victims through electronic channels, such as email, website hijacking, and SMS messaging. However, attackers can also use phone interactions to dupe a target. Over the years, some different subcategories have emerged:

• Spear phishing. An attacker targeting a specific organization or person.

• Whaling. Attacks targeting senior high-level executives and other high profile target.

Phishing Sites Exploiting Mobile 2019-2021

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